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Smart Technologies

What makes it all feasible!

None of these would have been feasible if we were not "stuck" with technological evolution.
This is how we do it: We invest a considerable amount of productive time in reading, questing and testing new methods and technologies to adopt only the best.
Our desktops are everyday filled with all kinds of new tools and applications; and we are keen to try it all to adopt only the best. Behind our products stands the state of the art in software development; this keeps our products in the edge much-much longer. Yet, it severely boosts our productivity*, all in favor of you!

CAD-GIS Technologies

Smartcode has a vast background in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) application software development.

From web map publishing to 3D data design and processing, we can deliver a wide range of applications for various platforms, either extending well known software packages such as GeoServer, PostgreSQL / PostGIS and OpenLayers or by developing completely custom solutions.

Contact us for a CAD / GIS related solution to fit in your product development plan.

State of Art in 3D CAD & GIS :

Medical Imagery Technologies

Either DICOM based or custom, at Smartcode we build applications for effective medical imagery processing, handling and sharing.

Having a strong background in processing images from various fields (X-ray, Light Microscopy, Fluoroscopy, Angiopathy, Mammography, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance), we can provide advanced image analysis software, based on platforms such as Matlab, Octave, ImageJ as well as custom solutions.

Contact us for a custom software application tailored to your needs.

State of Art Medical Imagery :

Web and Mobile Technologies

At Smartcode we have built high performance web applications, that target large audiences.

Using established development platforms including Microsoft .NET, Visual Studio® and Windows Azure®, we develop scalable web applications, not just web sites, that adopt the most modern standards, such as HTML 5, CSS 3 and responsive web design

Xamarin based as well as native Android and Apple iOS applications are built on demand.

Contact us for a custom web and mobile application pack.

State of Art in Web & Mobile :

Software Quality and Optimization

Each product is treated with high respect throug all phases: From the concept capturing, to the initial design, prototyping, development, testing and upkeeping (feedback and adaptation cycle), we safeguard your high expectations by following the state of the art in every step.

Agile: Using incremental and iterative development methods, we reduce the cost, provide constant progress feedback and deliver on time.

We employ tools such as issue tracking and revision control systems throughout the development process, to achieve goals and easily adapt to specification changes.

Quality & Optimization :

* Choosing the appropriate tools and methodologies may boost productivity even tens of times.