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Smartcode Services

Custom software development

Smartcode is consistently providing clients and associates with state of the art custom applications and software development services for more than a decade. Our Software Development services are provided under three major agreement types:

Service Level Agreements

B2B agreement

Mid and long-term software development services are provided under a constant hourly rate.

An initial SLA contract describing in draft the type of the service in terms of technical requirements, the initial estimation of the minimum desired workload (estimated Man-Months per Month) and the minimum desired duration is mutually agreed upon.

The total estimated man-effort is also part of the initial agreement.

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B2C agreement

Specific software applications are designed, developed and delivered "as a whole", under a pre-defined highly competitive total project cost.

The final outcome is pre-defined in detail in terms functional specifications. Intermediate and final delivery milestones and deadlines are also pre-agreed.

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SaS agreement

The delivery of functionality in the form of mini-sites, web-services and cloud-based apps is also supported, under a pre-agreed traffic-load tariff and limited responsibility SLA, which is subject to each specific service.

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