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Medical Imagery

Advanced Medical Imagery Applications

In Smartcode we have developed an exceptional know how in medical image processing and handling. This gives us the opportunity to provide advanced software design and development services as integral part of novel products* that really make the difference!

Medical imagery is characterized by large volumes of data and high diversity in encoding; the later is in many cases being defined in detail by the hardware vendors. Handling and serving diversely formatted, large-scale (Giga-pixel) images is a major field of our expertise.

Medical image processing is also subject to intense research; Smartcode provides migration and integration of MatlabĀ® and Octave-based source code into real-life stand-alone applications and services, optimizing execution time and hardware needs.

*Smartcode software development services targets the needs of novel technology start-ups and software intensive products.

Medical Software Development :

We provide custom medical applications software development services for the needs of medical Laboratories, healthcare services providers, medical equipment manufacturers and integrators.
This service lies under our B2B agreement model and is charged on a pre-agreed hourly rate - unless otherwise specified.

For more information, please describe your interest, and we will get back to you with a solution matching your needs.
We provide specially tailored modules in the form of web-services, to integrate to your medical apps and services.

The functionality is delivered under our SaaS agreement model an agreed per load tariff.

For more information, please describe your interest, and we will get back to you with a solution best matching your needs.

Medical Software solutions fit the needs of :