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Smartcode CAD & GIS

Special Purpose CAD & GIS

Smartcode has a vast background in 3D spatial modeling and visualization for special purpose applications. Smartcode has been providing clients and associates with custom state of the art spatiotemporal modeling and visualization for more than a decade.

Smartcode 3D CAD solutions

Custom 3D engines are built "from the scratch" to optimize flexibility and performance, making the integration of scientific algorithms extremely efficient and seamless. Yet, they remain practically format-agnostic, compatible with the most prominent file encodings.

Enhanced scientific visualization is made easier, more customisable and intuitive; all these in an extremely affordable price*.

Integration of scientific computational models (Geological, Hydrological, Atmosphere, Surface, etc.) is supported in source-code level, allowing scientific algorithms to interact rapidly and bi-directionally to the values of the grid. Integration of algorithms and time-variant grid data sets is vastly supported. *Smartcode software development primarily targets the needs of novel scientific start-ups.

Smartcode GIS solutions

Smartcode has been providing Special purpose GIS solutions for more than a decade, being currently leader on regional scale.

Smartcode GIS solutions includes management and processing of multi-layered digital maps, metadata handling, geo-correlation and geo-querying mechanisms development, bidirectional interconnection for data exchange with leading applications (ESRI ArcInfo, Autodesk-Automap), custom modules design and development.

Integration of special purpose algorithms and models (e.g. micro-climate conditions forecast and visualisation methodologies) is vastly facilitated in the native level to deliver novel, optimum efficiency and high added value products to our clients and associates.

Either based on web-sources imagery data (i.e. Google Maps, Bing and Map Point services) or based on pre-owned maps and Digital Terrain Models, Smartcode GIS solutions cover the whole range of products and services: Stand alone desktop GIS engines, Spatial Database Management modules, Web map Services and widget packs, GIS servers, Web GIS Clients and Mobile GIS solutions.

Smartcode 3D CAD and GIS:

We provide custom CAD & GIS solutions designed and developed to match specific needs. Upon request we customize the core engines to match your products' exact needs for 3D data handling and visualization.

The developed modules are tailored in your own product as an integral part.

For more information, please describe your interest, and we will get back to you with a solution matching your needs.
We provide specially tailored web-GIS modules in the form of specialised widget packs, to integrate to your web-apps and web-services.
The functionality is also available in the form of on-line web-services under an agreed load tariff.

For more information, please describe your interest, and we will get back to you with the solution best matching your needs.

3D CAD & GIS solutions best fit the needs of