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Welcome to Smartcode

Smart software makes life easier!

Designing and developing innovative Software Solutions to tackle real-life needs is our passion.

Turning novel ideas into successful software products is our field of expertise.

In Smartcode, all programmers and software engineers we are committed to the delivery of high-efficiency custom software applications.

Throughout the total life-cycle of our products we are safeguarding the highest quality by adopting the most prominent software development standards.

Smart software makes everyday life a bit more comfortable to all; that’s why intuitive interaction and enhanced user experience is our major objective since the very early stages of every product design.

We enjoy what we do, so that you enjoy the outcome!

* Smartcode people, we first got together in 2003.
Since then we have envisioned, designed and developed a number of remarkable software intensive products.

Smartcode People

Aris Anagnostakis

Head Management - Founder

Agelos Pappas

Head Development - Founder

Andreas Gribaviotis

Software engineer

Miss Mary

Bug buster

More about us

In Smartcode we turn innovative ideas into successful software products and we love it.
Intuitive interaction to deliver enhanced user experience is our primary objective since the very early stages of the product design; +1 happy user is an irreplaceable part of our reward!

Not just Source-code, but Smart-code.
From the concept capturing, to the initial design, prototype, development, testing and upkeeping, we keep it simple. And this makes our products durable and the update process smooth and effortless.

Optimization of the available resources utilization is the key to cost effectiveness throughout the product life-cycle.
Both Hardware and Data resources are treated with high respect; in spite of the project budget, optimization is to us more than a choice: it is the only acceptable way.

Tomorrows' needs, todays' development!
We are well aware that our users' future needs has to be met by our todays' development.
So, we invest a significant amount of time to outlook emerging trends and primary and applied research outcomes.
We constantly adopt the state-of-the art in software development with respect to each field of practice; from medical imagery to mobile weather forecasting depiction, we seek and apply the most advanced methodologies.

Our expertise